First Ladies (BJD)

These are the first three dolls made by Nadia Francis. When Nadia started The Black Doll Project it took 2 years of learning, experimentation, trial and error to produce the 1st ball jointed dolls (BJD). The first doll was of caramel complexion and featured a pregnant belly that detached to reveal a baby and gold spoon inside. After the first doll she made a dark chocolate and a honey complexion doll. She made a variety of wigs for the dolls out of human hair, human locks, wool, yarn and synthetic hair. She made clothes out of batik, kente and ankara fabrics. The dark chocolate doll was dressed in a black and gold top, kente bottom and black gold and kente shoes. Her look and style would be the inspiration for Lady Iyah. The first dolls had different joints, hands, feet and eyes than Lady Iyah. Lady Iyah can sit up more upright and is more realistic than the First Ladies. The First Ladies have been exhibited at local and international juried art exhibits. They are available for exhibition.


April 1, 2018


Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)

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